Event announcement

Come one, come all! Enjoy the bright northern nights and beautiful lakeside at the most relaxing and entertaining event of the Known World. Ten days of camping, exciting classes and workshops, chivalrous tournaments, archery, excellent company, and that magical atmosphere of the Northern Summer nights… That’s what Cudgel War is all about.

The site opens on Friday 14.7.2023 at 2 p.m. and closes on Sunday 23.7.2023 at 12 p.m.

Relaxing and hanging out with your friends is the essence of Cudgel.

” Ten days of camping, exiting classes and workshops, chivalrous tournaments, archery, excellent company, and that magical atmosphere of the Northern Summer nights… That’s what Cudgel Wars is all about.”

The Site

Kavalahti Camping Site (Björnvikintie 109, 10230 Inkoon as), Inkoo, Finland. About an hour from Helsinki by car, 70 minutes from the airport, and 90 minutes from Turku. Train link from Helsinki airport to Karjaa train station takes 1.5-2 hrs.

If you require transport from Karjaa train station to the site please inform the event stewards no later than 16th of June about this. Rides will only be organized for foreign guests and only if arranged in advance. The price for the ride is 10 eur each way so if you require a ride both ways the price is 20 eur.

The event is foremost a tent camp. Some indoor accommodation in shared houses/cabins is available. The site has drinkable tap water inside and proper toilets. There are showers in the saunas.

Unfortunately the site is a slightly hilly camping site, which can be challenging for people with reduced mobility. The toilet for disabled people is about 200 meters from the indoor sleeping space, near the kitchen.


Three meals are served daily: generous breakfast, light lunch and a warm supper. We serve two feasts during the event, the first is on Wednesday and other on the second Saturday. There are also two small kitchens for those who want to cook for themselves.

We will not be able to serve meals or feasts for everyone due to the small kitchen, so please reserve early.

All meals are low lactose. There will also be a vegetarian option available with advance booking. Unfortunately we may not be able to provide meals for people with any other dietary requirements. Please consider that there is always a risk of contamination, because we don’t have a separate kitchen for the allergy foods.


  • The site is ”damp”, so enjoy mainly only mild alcohol beverages. Smoking is allowed only on the marked spots.
  • Pets are only allowed outdoors. Dogs should be kept on a leash during the whole camp.
  • In the site rules bedsheets are mandatory for all sleeping in the beds, even when using a sleeping bag.
  • Making a fire is allowed only on designated common or camp fireplaces. Fire is not allowed indoors without a permission from the steward. If forest fire warning is in place, no other fires, including torches, are allowed.
  • If your camp has a fireplace there must be a fire extinguisher in the tent. 
  • No children should go swimming without their own responsible adult at the beach.
  • While paddling, everyone must wear a life vest. Paddlers must write down their planned route and schedule on the list by the beach. Paddling alone is not allowed! 
  • The COVID-19 situation may affect the event. Information regarding this will be provided later if necessary.


The registration opens on April 16, 2023 at 19.00 (EEST; UTC+3). That is 18.00 in Sweden and Central Europe, 17:00 on the British Isles. Use the registration form to register for the event.


You can choose your services from the list below. The registering system counts the price accordingly.

Age groups:

  • Adults (15+v)
  • Teenagers (7-14v)
  • Kids (3-6v)
  • Under 3-year-olds attend for free.

Note! The longer you stay, the lower the site fee per day

Site fee for a day, adult: 13.00-9.00 eur
Site fee for a day, teenager: 12.00-7.00 eur
Site fee for a day, kid: 10.00-5,50 eur

Indoor sleeping: 5.50 eur/night

Breakfast, adult: 2.50 eur
Breakfast, teenager: 1.25 eur
Breakfast, kid: 0.6 eur

Lunch, adult: 3.50 eur
Lunch, teenager: 1.75 eur
Lunch, kid: 1.25 eur

Dinner, adult: 5.00 eur
Dinner, teenager: 3.00 eur
Dinner, kid: 2.00 eur

Wednesday feast, Saturday feast, adult: 13.50 eur
Feast, teenager: 9.00 eur
Feast, kid: 6.50 eur

Non-member fee: 5,00 eur/per booking (only for adults)

Late fee: 10.00 eur

Visit for a day, no food and no accommodation included: 13.00 eur with advance reservation, 18.00 eur without reservation


Those living in Finland must pay by 18th of June.

Visitors from euro countries and Sweden are strongly encouraged to pay their participation fees in advance (IBAN FI2980001900530651; BIC code is DABAFIHH), but all foreign visitors may pay at the door without a late fee. Late reservation will incur a 10 eur late fee.


Cancellations must be made by 18th of June for a full refund. After that we cannot reimburse you. If you have a reservation and neither cancel, pay, nor come to the event, we will charge you all costs according to your reservation at regular prices, including a handling fee of 3 euros.

Event Staff


Meistres Myfanwy Methig
Master Vilhelm

email: nuijasota@gmail.com

Kitchen crew

Lord Eduard
Mistress Jolanda
Lady Aurora

Email: nuijasota@gmail.com 


Mistress Jolanda

Email: nuijasota@gmail.com 

Fencing marshal

Master Dubhghall

email: nuijasota@gmail.com 

Archery marshals

Lady Vallittu
Lady Eirny

email: nuijasota@gmail.com