Two heavy fighters and a war archer in armour on the war field.
Heavy fighters and archers fight side by side in the wars.

In Cudgel War there are many changes to get involved in various forms of fighting. No matter if you are a newbie or an experienced knight, a kid or a granny, you are welcome to participate and try new things. There are some rules and agelimits for the youngsters participating heavy fighting, so check those carefully.You can do heavy fighting in both war and tournaments. There may also a chance to participate the famous Nordic 1000 Tournament, but we still need to check COVID-19 incluence on this.

There are also many fabulous fencing tournaments, including the Pirate Tourney and the infamous Tourney of the Monkey Island.

The archery is an elementary part of Aarnimetsä and Cudgel war. You have a change to participate One hour shoot, Royal Round, Drachenwald Round, as well as the 100 year war and the Orc Chace. There is also many chances for the youngsters to learn archery.

Traditionally there has also been many chances for the younger ones for boffer fight, so bring forth your soft weapons also!