Heavy fighting

Five rattan fighters in armour fighting on a field of war.
There are both days of war and tournaments in Cudgel.


14.00 Possibility to test heavy fighting

Have you always wondered how it feels to be in armor? How it feels when adrenaline rushes through you as you smack your opponent’s head with a stick? Here’s your chance! We have plenty of loaner gear so come try it out.

15.30 Authorization and friendly sparring

If you need any authorizations, show up in armor and we’ll hopefully get you the authorizations that you need. If you don’t need any authorizations, come take some fights for fun and hopefully to learn something.

If you need any authorizations and can’t make it at this time, please tell the marshal in charge of the event and we’ll try to make it happen in a suitable time.


19.00 Pirate tourney

Join for some friendly, experimental fun with Aarnimetsä’s pirates, ehr privateers.


10.00 Nordic 1000

The ultimate test of endurance and skill. Come test yourself and fight for honor and glory.

The tournament goes on until someone reaches 50 points. Each fight’s winner stays on the field, loser goes back to the line. Any wounds on the winner remain to the next fight.


11.00 The unbelted tournament

Come test your skill against others. Knights not welcome, except to organize, watch and give advice!


20.30 Pas d’Armes

Late medieval style pas d’Armes. Fighting will be individual challenges with matched weapons between defending team captained by baron Mikael Rantzow and challenging team whose captain is William Gifford baron of Knights Crossing. Fighters can choose which team they want to fight on.

You can find more information on the tournament here: follow link to dropbox


10.00 War

There are rumors of peasants being unhappy and willing to take up arms against the nobles. There will be plenty of fighting and different scenarios.


10.00 War or melee

We’ll see if the war continues or if we’ll just have some small skirmishes for fun.

Audience is welcome to watch any and all fighting. Particularly the Thursday’s grand tournament will be be an event to behold.

If you know the basics of marshalling and can’t participate in the fighting, especially the Nordic 1000 will be in need of marshals.

Fighters are requested to bring their own cups to drink from.