Three meals are served daily: generous breakfast, light lunch and a warm supper. We have two feasts which will be held on Wednesday and last Saturday.

We will not be able to serve meals or feasts for everyone due to the small kitchen, so please reserve early.

Dietary restrictions

All meals are low lactose. There will also be a lacto-ovo-vegetarian option, but you must ask for it when booking. Unfortunately we may not be able to provide meals for people with any other dietary requirements. Please consider that there is always a risk of contamination, because we don’t have a separate kitchen for the allergy foods.

Cooking for yourself

There are also two small kitchens for those, who want to cook for themselves. Making a fire is allowed only on the fireplaces. Fire should not be handled indoors without a permission from the autocrat. If the forest fire warning is in place, no other fires, i.e. torches, should be used.

pieni lapsi istuu maassa ja syö keskiaikaista ruokaa käyttäen penkkiä pöytänä, small child enjoying medieval dish sitting on the ground and using a bench as a table
Enjoy your meals!